Advanced Support for Your Eye Health

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Advanced Support for Your Eye Health

Vision Protect™ - Our Signature Product

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Why we are different

Let's start with shipping.  We don't charge any.  It doesn't matter if you buy one item or a hundred items, you will not pay a penny for shipping.  It's on us.  There is no minimum!  And...we ship fast!

Our company is founded by a leading eye physician who strongly believes in each and every product we sell, Dr Marc Ellman. Dr. Ellman formulated these vitamins after years of research for his own patients because many of them were looking for eye vitamins and just couldn't find ones that contained the necessary ingredients contained in the AREDS2 formula. 

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Customer Reviews

"This product is superior to those sold by a major provider in my opinion as a Ph.D organic/medicinal chemist familiar with the AREDS2 study."

"My 83 -year-old father uses Vision Protect by Luxvite, Inc. as part of his eye-health regimen. Formulated by his own eye surgeon, it has helped him maintain the eyesight of a much younger individual! "

"These vitamins are formulated to give your eyes the best chance of lasting as long as you do! They are an important supplement to your eye care."

"Product is actually helping. How often does that happen?"

"Absolutely superb product. Absolutely necessary for every person over 40 years of age."

"Just what the doctor ordered!"